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About Us: specializes in web design, development, hosting, search engine placement, website traffic building, web promotions and thorough web testing.  


With millions of web sites on the Internet, it takes more then being "user friendly," "sticky" or "eye-catching" to standout from the crowd.  We take our mission statement seriously "make sure it's right the first time!",  and we believe we can make your site not just eye-catching, but successful as well.


What we offer:

  • Professional Web Analysis

  • Up to the minute web statistics

  • Hourly, daily, monthly and yearly web traffic log.

  • Complete web activity reports (hits, visits, IP address and more.)

  • Search engines referral log (which search engines are sending you the most visitors and why!)

  • Global search string results.

  • Which web pages and links are generating the most revenue, and much more...

What we can do for you:


The Internet is filled with millions of web addresses and countless web pages and links, it's no wonder over 99.9% of all web sites are simply lost on the Internet. believes we can position most web site with in the first 3 pages of every major search engine and increase  real visitor count, not just traffic count and clicks.  After all, clicks can't make you money, and clicks don't mean actual visitors.  


All you need to do is contact and let our representatives explain what we can do for you.



Web Site Hosting, Design and Development



Web site hosting

  • $59.98 setup fee

  • $19.98 monthly maintenance

  • Unlimited email accounts

  • Secure socket layer

  • Windows or Lynx based

  • 1000MB (1GB) of drive space

  • 100GB (100,000MB) of data transfer

  • Hit counter

  • Web-log

  • Search engine results

  • Web analysis available

  • 99.999% up time

  • 24 hour support

  • Local representative

  • Fast data transfer

  • Best response time in the business!

Wed Design and Development

  • $59.98 hourly

  • Contract rates available

  • Search engine positioning available

  • Traffic builder available

  • ASP

  • VBScript

  • JavaScript

  • PHP

  • HTML

  • .NET

  • Visual Basics

  • Search Engine Friendly

  • Best Search Engine Content Design

  • Guaranteed search engine positioning (references available)

  • Best response time in the business!


Web Design

Most people think anyone can make a web site and in many ways, it's true.  Anyone can make a web site, however creating a successful web sites is something else.  Poor planning and a home made look coupled with a "no-idea" marketing approach, is a guaranteed mix for failure.  


So how does differ?  First, our staff becomes familiar with not only your business and its needs, but also your customers needs as well.  Next we design a site that fits your expectations by leaning heavily on our experience, hard work and perfection.  Next we construct your site around the ideas of your business and the needs of your customers/clients and create a site that's clean, clear, concise, to the point, user and search engine friendly.  Our 'keyword' and 'key phrases' techniques are second to none!  Please contact us for examples and references!


Website design, hosting and development serving Kalamazoo, Mattawan, Parchmont, Plainwell, Portage, Vicksburg and other Western Michigan areas:


Give us a call today!  (269) 345.6600 M-F 9am-8pm

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Beta Web Site Creation History:

Beta Sites:  links are arranged from newest to oldest. Internet based Trip and route application with adjustable waypoints Internet based application showing the businesses located around you our customers come to us to find you! CMS Beta1 Beta2 Bata3 Bata4 Bata5 Beta6 Bata7 link, artwork, design and development ideas displayed on this page belong solely to the World Networking Group.


All link, artwork, design and development ideas displayed on this page belong solely to the World Networking Group. Compressed Air and Gas Filtration Products 02/17/2007 Industrial filter, pumps, connectors Inventory search Compressed air and gas filters 02/16/2007  

KP Photography - All link, artwork, design and development ideas displayed on this page belong solely to the World Networking Group.

KP Photography Beta 09/12/2006 # 1 Approved  
KP Photography Beta 09/10/2006 # 7  
KP Photography Beta 09/10/2006 # 6  
KP Photography Beta 09/10/2006 # 5  
KP Photography Beta 09/10/2006 # 4  
KP Photography Beta 09/10/2006 # 3  
KP Photography Beta 09/10/2006 # 2  
KP Photography Beta 09/10/2006 # 1  
KP Photography Beta 09/10/2006 Monitor Frame  
KP Photography Beta 09/10/2006 Gold #1  
KP Photography Beta 09/10/2006 Gold #2  
KP Photography Beta 09/07/2006  
Zero H2O Corporation's FireOut.US  02/27/2006 Approved progress listed below, looking for logo ideas. 08/31/2005 901
LoansUnlimitedInc (account past due)  Gerylyn/Gerri Wood 


LoansUnlimitedInc.NET small image Approved but failed to pay /, complete. (Light apparel, lite apparel) 501
All about progress listed below 1101, complete. 05/27/2005 602 (Falcon Banners)  Click the header on to view alternative home pages) 05/23/2005 601

Pan AM
Pan AM Charter Flights 03/25/2005 1201 (complete)

American Wormwood  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (complete)

Hildebrand Equipment (complete)
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Javascript CSS Smooth Scroller, even scrolls html
Javascript Can you write text to an already open window/pop-up, yes most definitely by John Turcott
Calendar Pop-UP in VBScript by
Calendar Pop-UP in JavaScript by
Email Form Pop-UP
Snow Falling Routine in JavaScript
Spotlight effect Matrix Effect
VBScript Animation, VBScript UFO Space Defender Game, VBScript Space Game Tutorial with sound and animations logo  1 2
Tiffany's 1 2 3 4 5 6
3 in 1 Garden Marker    |    Currency Converter
JavaScript Move Div
How to / Code to building CSS/Div smooth scrolling marquis  |  Javascript fade picture in and out   |  Javascript MouseOver code  |
Beta Positioning Tool  |  JavaScript Write text to a open window  
We do complex and simple family presentation photos
Kirstin and John's wedding   11/05/2005    |    The Turcott's Family Slide Show   |   Taylor's 2005 Sophomore Photo    
Sunset on Indian Lake, Scotts Michigan 10/28/2005  |  Fall in Michigan 2005  |  Fall at Indian Lake in Scotts Michigan  1 of 4  2 of 4  3 of 4  4 of 4

"It takes the right people with the right tools to make the job right."

Successful web design: make it clear, concise and to the point.  Create your site around your client's needs and the products and services they offer.


Above all, listen to your client. a division of the World Networking Group and (referral service)

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